DJJCPA, LLC Announces the Acquisition of Smith, Brock, and Weber, LLC

Press Release: November 1, 2017

Founded in 1962, Smith, Brock and Weber, LLC has provided tax, assurance and accounting services with a focus on helping families and closely held businesses to build profitable companies and value.

Our Mission: We Make Numbers Fun! Accordingly, we will have 19 employees and 7 CPA’s to provide outstanding: audit, tax and entrepreneurial services to our clients.

In addition to his staff of Nieshia Gutierrez, Sharon Cassidy and Tracy Williams, Jim Weber will be joining DJJCPA, LLC as the Managing Director. The operational areas of: audit, tax and entrepreneurial services will be reporting to Jim.

Dennis Johanningmeier will continue as the Managing Member. He will oversee the sales, marketing and administration areas as well as continue the firm’s focus of building strong relationships with our clients.

Jim and Dennis will be reaching out to you to set up joint meetings to further our valued relationships with you!